The subperiosteal iuxta3D implant is a custom made medical device useful in case of important mandibular or maxillary bone atrophies. It is produced in medical Titanium Alloy with an additive 3D printing technology (SLM).

The design is FULL DIGITAL: we proceed with a CBCT acquisition of the patient (Acquisition protocol – request it), and an intraoral scan (or traditional impression scan model) in order to acquire the soft tissue and residual teeth positions.
A digital WAXUP (virtual positioning of the future prosthetic anatomies) is designed in order to study exactly the volumes, the arrangement of the abutments and the interference with soft tissues. Next step is to design the IUXTA 3D, with the positioning of fixing screws.

Ti32 | Design of custom made medical devices
Ti32 | Design of custom made medical devices
Ti32 | Design of custom made medical devices
Ti32 | Design of custom made medical devices

The IUXTA 3D is produced in two copies with the additive technique of Laser Melting in medical Titanium Alloy GD23. The device undergoes heat treatments and surface washes in order to guarantee mechanical properties suitable for the masticatory load. The double copy device is packaged and shipped NOT sterile. A copy serves as a guide, in order to prepare the bone site (local anesthesia), to remove the undercuts, to prepare holes for the fixing screws. The second copy is the implant copy.

Added services

  • Production of a cutting bone guide (where necessary).
  • Production of patient bio-models (anatomical replicas for pre-intervention didactic purposes).
  • Production of the device with osteoinductive Texture3D in the surface in contact with bone patient (for more info contact us).
  • Production of the file and / or temporary prosthesis for immediate loading.

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